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- Model 2 - Acoustic Water Leak Listening Device



The acoustic microphone any leak technician should have in the glove-box: light-weight, compact and with a pure and clear sound amplification. And it's very cost-effective too.

Pure and crisp sound quality for a small budget

Despite its attractive purchase price the AQUASCOPE 2 makes no compromise in the build quality and the sound quality. If you’re looking for a simple acoustic listening device with exceptional sound quality, this should be your choice.

Choice of accessories to suit your needs

The AQUASCOPE 2 basic kit includes a magnetic acoustic accelerometer sensor. However, the full range of AQUASCOPE branded microphones can also be attached to the amplifier, depending on your needs: both ground microphones (regular or pocket-size) and the electronic listening stick sensor.

Belt clip and one-touch operation for full comfort

The AQUASCOPE 2 amplifier is light-weight, compact and IP54 protected. It can also be attached to your belt. This way you can operate the device with one hand and use your other hand to point your listening device to the noise source or to lift & shift your acoustic ground microphone when pinpointing a leak on the road.

Maximum independence and freedom

The AQUASCOPE 2 can be your everyday acoustic leak locator that is tucked away in the back of your van. The only power source needed are four regular Alkaline AA batteries that can easily be replaced when needed. This way you ensure maximum availability and reliability even for long days of leak surveying.

  • 1 Amplifier unit
  • 1 Accelerometer sensor
  • 1 Connection cable
  • 1 Pair of stereo headphones
  • 1 Operating manual
  • 1 Extension & 1 Pointed rod
  • 1 Robust hard carry case
  • 2 Years warranty

  • 1 Tripod
  • 1 Pocket ground mic
  • 1 Electronic listening stick
  • 1 Ground microphone (elephant foot)

  • Power: 4 standard 1.5 V AA Alkaline batteries
  • Battery life: Typically about 280 hours of operation
  • Operating temperature: -30ºC to +70ºC (-22ºF to 158ºF)
  • Dimensions: Amplifier 10x4x17 cm (3.9x1.6x6.7”), sensor Ø3.7x8.4 cm (Ø1.5x3.3”)
  • Weight: Amplifier 187 grams (0.4 lb.), sensor 435 grams (1.0 lb.)
  • IP Protection: Amplifier IP54, all sensors IP68

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