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Model DAQ-01 - Acquisition Systems



The RECOVIB.DAQ-01 is a high resolution multi-channel smart acquistion system to be used in Structural Health Monitoring applications.
Its dual processor architecture includes a digital signal processing core allowing efficient front-end signal processing.

The second core further analyses recorded vibration measurements and communicates results to the external world through an ethernet connection.
Attention is paid to aspects of EMC and operation over a wide temperature range to allow usage in harsh environments such as wind turbines.

  • Can be used with our sensors or with other commercially available sensors with current or voltage output.
  • High dynamics and resolution (24-bit).
  • High EMC immunity (tested according to various wind turbine manufacturer specifications).
  • Up to 24 channels
  • Coordination with usual lightning protection modules
  • Ethernet connection with various Ethernet protocols (UDP/IP, TCP/IP for acquisition streaming, FTP server or client for acquisition file transfers, NTP for time
  • synchronization with time server, SMTP for sending emails and more)
  • Client to cloud services available (telemetry and device management).
  • Operation down to -40°C (including cold start) and up to 75°C (fanless).
  • Possibility to implement local processing algorithms.

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