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ACS Heavy Duty Excavator Buckets are all-purpose buckets designed for rugged general excavation applications.  They are heavier and more durable than the average OEM factory bucket and a good choice for those looking to upgrade to a long lasting bucket.

Bucket Lift Eye

Sturdy lift eye comes standard on every ACS Heavy and Severe Duty Excavator Bucket.

Heavy Wall Cross Tube

All ACS Excavator Buckets are built with Heavy Wall Cross Tube reinforcement across the top. This transfers breakout forces directly to the bucket cutting edge.

High Strength Steel

Heavy wear areas are constructed with premium-grade AR 400 steel for maximum impact and abrasion resistance. AR 400 steel has a minimum BNH (Brinell Hardness Number) of 360 and is valued for its durability and strong resistance to abrasion.

Single Radius Shell

The sloped bottom, single-radius shell design provides superior loading and cleaning. The bottom of the bucket slopes up and away from the dig direction to facilitate boiling - the churning of material on a horizontal axis within the bucket which promotes faster loading with less required horsepower. The sloped bottom also reduces heel wear.

Trapezoidal Design

Tapered from front-to-back and bottom-to-top; keeping only the cutting edge in contact with handled material. This keeps the remaining surface area of the bucket from dragging, increasing the performance of your machine and reducing bucket wear.

Anti-Clatter Pin Boss
Fabricated into the front bucket mounting pin location. Eliminates excess space between the machine stick and the bucket ears that can allow entry of abrasive material, creating loud 'chatter' and increasing wear on the bucket ears and stick. The Anti-Clatter Pin Boss also allows for future adjustment and fine tuning as normal wear and metal erosion from side loading increase the gap.

Bolt-On Edge
Increase the lifespan of your bucket with a beveled, wear-resistant steel edge that takes the brunt of all first-contact impacts. Double-sided for twice extended life; when one side wears down, simply turn it around to expose the fresh edge. Weld-on AR 400 steel skid pads at bottom rear of bucket included. Factory painted and installed to match either ACS or OEM hole patterns.
Drainage Perforations Provide fast escape routes for unwanted liquid in your payload.

Protect your attachment from corrosive materials such as fertilizer and animal waste with a durable, protective Poly-Liner. The Poly-Liner also serves as a non-stick surface that helps release 'sticky' materials such as animal waste, clay, mud and kaolin soils, reducing material 'carry back'. The Poly-Liner material is formed to fit the contact surfaces of your attachment. The liner is secured by metal weld washers and support strips that prevent material from getting under the leading edges of the liner. Thickness of the liner varies depending on attachment size and service duty.

Side Cutters
The Installation of Side Cutters serves three purposes: 1) Protection. Prevents wear on the corner bit saving on down time & maintenance. 2) Provides additional cut width. Side Cutters flare out 1.5' on each corner of the bucket, providing an additional 3” to the cut width. This benefits trenching applications by allowing the bucket to cut wider than the bucket sides. 3) Side Drag Reduction. Side Cutters keep the sides of the bucket from dragging against the edge of the material trench, which increases productivity and decreases overall wear. When the Side Cutters have worn they can be easily removed and replaced.

Wear Shrouds
Wear Shrouds protect the corner bit of the bucket from wear, preventing expensive maintenance and down time. Applications that involve moving abrasive materials such as rock, stone, crushed concrete, broken slag and granite would benefit from Wear Shrouds being installed. When the Wear Shrouds have worn they can be easily removed and replaced. ACS can pre-drill your bucket to the required hole-pattern for OEM and/or ACS brand Wear Shrouds. Note: Wear Shrouds DO NOT add significantly to the cut width of a bucket

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