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Active Electrodes for electrical resistivity tomography we offer a chain of active electrodes (ActEle). ActEle is developed especially for connection to the earth resistivity meter 4point light 10W. It is used for multielectrode measurements. By default the electrode chain consists of 20 electrodes at a distance of 5 metres. Other distances (0.2 - 10 m) are available on request. The chain is extendable up to 255 electrodes.

  • Low price – starting at 91 euros per electrode including cables and stainless steel electrodes.
  • Number of electrodes extendable up to 255 electrodes, according to demand.
  • Low power consumption, about 2 mW / electrode, active about 42 mW / electrode
  • Extremely high input impedance due to an integrated amplifier: 1GOhm@1Hz
  • Very low crosstalk between power and potential lines
  • Ideal for critical conditions with high contact resistance
  • Simple and cheap replacement of broken cables, even in the field
  • Fast: with ActEle and 4point light 10W a 600 reading 2D profile can be measured within 10 to 15 minutes (Compare this to the AGIUSA SWIFT / Sting System: it needs more than 2 hours for the same profile!!)

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