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- Model FDS - Unique Continuous Flow Thermal Decontamination



Continuous flow technology: ideal to treat large volumes of effluent. ACTINI has designed a unique continuous flow thermal decontamination solutions. Our standard range of continuous decontamination systems treats from 500 to more than 12,000 liters of effluent per hour.

  • Effluent BSL: 1-2-3-4
  • Capacity: 500 to 20,000 liters/hour
  • Technology: Continuous
  • Energy: Electricity or Steam


No compromise with safety

  • Redundant control of the decontamination parameters (time / temperature and pressure for Prion)
  • Automatic self-sanitization cycle
  • Construction materials chosen to be able to resist to chlorides at high temperature
  • All-welded tubular design to avoid any risk of cross contamination
  • PLC-controlled cycles (level control for automatic start-up and shut-down, CIP cycles) and records for a complete traceability
  • Vent sterilization
  • Conformity with CFR and pharmaceutical cycles
  • Design validated by the major vaccine manufacturers

Validated and proven solutions

  • Pre-engineered units with fast track delivery option
  • Self contained process skid assembled and tested in our facilities
  • 1-week commissioning time for standard systems
  • Short and easy validation: full protocols and methods included in our standard documentation

A controlled budget

  • Capital investment optimized for standard systems
  • Flow tubular design to process a large volume in a very short time
  • Up to 24-hour operation
  • Energy recovery section: 80% of the used thermal energy is saved and not any chilled water is required, for operation costs up to ten times lower than for other existing systems
  • Reduced servicing and validation

Save space to save money

  • All our systems are self contained process skids
  • Very compact footprint even for our largest capacity units
  • Modular layout (placement in pits, length-wise assembly option…)
  • Designed to fit in very tight spaces and be installed without making any change to the building
  • Ideal solutions for retrofit / replacement projects

  • Heat treatment with F0 from 25 to 50 depending on the required safety levels
  • Standard set 135 ° C – 2 minutes, adjustable according to specifications (conventional or unconventional germs)
  • Compliance with the highest requirements for containment BSL3 – BSL4 / SIL3

  • Tubular design allowing continuous treatment of large volumes
  • All welded heat exchangers to avoid any risk of leakage and cross-contamination
  • Materials chosen according to the aggressiveness of the agents present in the effluent (strong resistance to chlorides)
  • Steam or all-electric heating (patented technologies)
  • Energy recovery section (savings of 80% of thermal energy used)
  • Compact design
  • Compliance with European or American standards

  • Fully automatic operation; cycles controlled by PLC (level control for automatic starts and stops, CIP cycles and sanitization) and records
  • Decontamination of large volumes in a very short time
  • Redundant control of decontamination parameters (time / temperature and pressure for the Prion)
  • Reduced installation and commissioning time
  • Pre-validation for a quick release time (simple and fast qualifications, all protocols and procedures included in our standard documentation)
  • Limited operating expenses (OPEX) thanks in particular to very low energy consumption and very limited maintenance requirements

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