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- Chlorine Dioxide Chemical Products


Feedwater is a manufacturer and supplier of a range of chlorine dioxide chemical products for ClO2 generators and dosing systems. Our patented Activ-Ox chemicals are the ideal substitute for chlorine dioxide tablets and stabilised chlorine dioxide solutions.

Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide is a marketing term coined in the 1990s to sell a new generation of ClO2 products for use in applications like drinking water, food production and legionella control. Unfortunately they don’t live up to the hype because they are expensive and inefficient, and if you want to get a decent chlorine dioxide yield, you need to use dangerous strong acids.

If you think you want a stabilised chlorine dioxide solution, then what you actually need is Activ-Ox.

Activ-Ox is cheaper and safer to use and yields much more ClO2 than stabilized chlorine dioxide products.

So if you are looking for a supplier of stabilised chlorine dioxide chemicals then please contact us because we can help you.

Chlorine dioxide tablets are supplied as a quick and easy way to produce ClO2 on demand. However they are a very expensive and inefficient way to buy chlorine dioxide: the tablets don’t dissolve instantly and the chlorine dioxide yield is relatively poor.
By contrast, the Activ-Ox products are easy-to-use solutions that give a very high yield of chlorine dioxide instantly.

If you want to buy chlorine dioxide ClO2 tablets then speak to us because we can supply you with an Activ-Ox product which will save you money.

We also manufacture and supply a range of chemicals, based on different strengths of sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid, for producing ClO2 when used with conventional chlorine dioxide generators.

Activ-Ox is Feedwater’s patented chemical process for producing a high yield of chlorine dioxide safely and instantly. As well as chemical grades for conventional chlorine dioxide applications, we also produce special Activ-Ox products for Hot Tub and Spa Pool cleaning which will remove and control biofilms, and Activ-Ox Shower head cleaner for simultaneously cleaning and disinfecting shower heads in order to reduce the risk of Legionnaires’ Disease.

For hard surface disinfection, we also supply a special Activ-Ox chemical foam cleaner (with chlorine dioxide) that’s ideal for food process sanitation and cooling tower pack cleaning.

We’ve been manufacturing water treatment chemicals for over 30 years and supplying Activ-Ox products for the last 15, so when it comes to chlorine dioxide, we know what we are talking about.

We can supply you with both commodity chlorine dioxide chemicals and our patent Activ-Ox chemicals with your own label on the drum. So if you are a water treatment service company, an L8 specialist or an FM company looking to increase your added value, why not contact us because we can help you.