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Activated Alumina



Overall, it is probably the finest all purpose desiccant. It is ideal for drying air and most other gases at high relative humidity.

  • Although prolonged exposure to liquid water will damage activated alumina, it is more resilient to water than silica gel or molecular sieve.
  • Low pressure drop due to its spherical shape.
  • High crush strength.
  • Less expensive.
  • Low abrasion rate.
  • Long service life.

  • · Activated alumina is primarily aluminum oxide (AL2O3).
  • · Pore sizes: 4-22 angstroms (1 angstroms = 10-8 cm)
  • · SP. Heat: 0.22 BTU/Lb/oF
  • · Apparent Bulk Density: 48 Lbs/Cu. Ft.
  • Pressure swing as well as thermal regeneration at 250F to 500F are both commonly used. With low inlet stream temperatures it can produce dew points down to -100F.

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