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Activated Carbon AC Filters



AC Filters are used to remove Chlorine, Organics and Improve the Taste and Odor of water. Our units typically use Granular Activated Carbon is made up of Coconut Husks, Coal and Bone that has been Heat treated in the absence of Oxygen and it is this process that allow the carbon to become ‘Activated’. Active Carbon works through micro pockets on the granule surface structure to absorb soluble impurities and hold onto them. Eventually these micro pockets reach their fill capacity and the media needs to be replaced. Backwashing helps extend the life of the Carbon by causing the loose materials to be ejected with the backwash water. To get the best results, you need a Water Contact Time of at least 3 minutes with the Carbon.

We offer three types of system:

  • Fleck
  • Siata
  • Gemu Multi-Valve* (Our own control arrangements)

This enables the media to be automatically backwashed by Time or Volume but will depend on the application.

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