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Activated carbon Filter


Handok Clean Tech manufactures Carbon Block Filter exclusively in Korea. Unlike other activated carbons that are simply charge, the Carbon Block Filter of Handok Clean Tech Co., Ltd. is mixed with the resin of ultra high molecular weight(M.W 3 million~10million) and is resistant to shock, abrasion, heat and chemicals, etc. It is suitable for human body.

Our Handok Carbon Block Filter is made by mixing PE resin with pores in its particles and powder activated carbon and then ripening in high temperature. It is wide in surface, excellent in filtering heavy metals and it has a definite period of useful life. It also has a function of absorbing smell, color, residual chlorine, detergents, chemicals, organic materials, heavy metals and cancer-causing agents, etc.Silver activated carbon or silver powder are mixed and molded in the raw material and released silver ion prevents water from the growth of various microbes. Additionally, lead is removed more efficiently by mixing the raw material with lead removing material. The shortcoming of making water with activated carbon high in pH is remedied by oxidizing the raw material of activated carbon, itself. Various sizes and shapes are available by using molds. Filters with various pore sizes can be produced because various molding of granule, powder and fiber etc.

  • 1, 5, 25 micron nominal filtration
  • Post-filter for R/O and hollow fiber
  • Anti-virus with silver powder
  • Excellent removal of heavy metals and chlorine
  • Various shapes and sizes for various raw materials of powder, granule and fiber

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