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- Model SH - Activated Carbon Filter



Fine-desulphurization with activated carbon is a proven method for many years to eliminate all H2S from the biogas. The completely cleaned biogas extend the maintenance intervals of the CHP unit. It preserves components like spark plugs, combustion chamber and provides a longer service life of the motor oil. SH SULPHTEC activated carbon filter are individual and compatible to your plant. Here will be ensured, that the change interval is as long as possible.  Therefore, we use doped activated carbon with a distinct mesoporous system based on hard coal. That means a substantial greater inner surface than conventional impregnated activated carbon and thus the service life is up to twice as long.



  • minimal maintenance costs
  • extended oil change intervals
  • using of catalytic converter
  • Emission credits


  • The classic plant is suitable for fine desulphurization of technical and biogenic gas flows.
  • biogas plants (new and existing plants)
  • landfill gas plant
  • local and industrial sewage treatment plants
  • waste recycling


  • simplex filter single stage (Single-Column)
  • simplex filter wo stage (Double-Column)
  • double filter (Twin-Column)


  • PP

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