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BioBG GmbH

- Model Eco-Modul - Activated Carbon Filter


Designed for fine desulfurization in biogas plants. By the 3-chamber system all sulfur -containing substances and other substances harmful for the engine safely removed from the biogas, while the operating costs of activated carbon by maximum run time is minimized. Not only in downstream exhaust gas treatment the motor will thank you, the wear and tear is minimized and oil and maintenance intervals are prolonged.

  • integraable in any system design by Modular
  • optional nonstop / maintenance module allows small engine service life
  • quick change system without the filter unit direct contact with activated carbon
  • long life with high quality stainless steel construction(”V4A” 1.4571)
  • capacity 3 x 500 litre per 3 x 150 kg of activated carbon
  • pressure stable even at high temperatures up to + /- 200mbar
  • dimensions: h 3,76 m x w 0,91 m x l 0,91 m, connection DN 150
  • low operating costs through optimal utilization of Activated carbon with maximum safety against breach of H2S and sulfur peaks at
  • standard insulated

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