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Model BPS V-Bank - Activated Carbon Filter



The BPS V-Bank activated carbon filter is designed to efficiently remove a wide range of odors and common airborne pollutants. Constructed of heavy duty galvanized steel, each module consists of two 1-inch thick BPS bonded carbon panels arranged in a V-configuration. The product is designed for use in most side and front access housings. The BPS V-Bank should be your choice for advanced chemical air filter technology for a variety of applications.

Utilizing a patented bonding technique, the carbon maintains its high absorptive properties and exhibits many advantages over loose carbon filled filters. There is no loss of efficiency due to settling or by pass. The BPS V-Bank is cleaner and easier to use than loose trays or honeycomb panels.

BPS V-Bank modules are ideally suited for use in a wide range of contaminated air streams that exists in commercial and industrial environments. These include: HVAC recirculation systems, make-up air and corrosion control, sewage treatment facilities, trash transfer stations, and waste energy generation plants.

  • Improve indoor (or outdoor) air quality via effective removal of odorous and irritating gaseous contaminants.
  • Anti-microbial high-loft, non-woven polyester pre and final filtration.
  • High mass carbon content for long life.
  • Clean because there is no dusting of carbon fines.
  • Disposable and ease of use provides low service cost.
  • Effective gas filtration in a compact design.
  • Fits most standard front and side access frames and housings.
  • Superior gas phase roughing filter for high concentration high efficiency applications.
  • Uses proprietary BPS Technology.

Filter Type: Disposable bonded activated carbon 10 panel V-bank filter.

General Description: Filter shall be designed for total-retention gaseous contamination control as manufactured by UVDI.

Construction: Filter shall be constructed of multiple bonded carbon panels arranged in a 'V' configuration enclosed in a all galvanized steel frame with a header. The individual panels shall have anti-microbial non-woven polyester pre and final filters. The panels and polyester shall be sealed to the frame to prevent bypass.

The bonded carbon panel shall consist of high activity, activated carbon bonded with a polymeric binder. The bonded activated carbon media shall be constructed in such a way as to provide an essentially dust free operation.

Performance: The activated carbon shall have a minimum activity of 60% CTC per the ASTM-D-3467 test method. The binder shall not decrease the pore volume by more than 2% as measured by BET.

A 24 X 24 X 12' filter shall contain no less than 30 lbs. of activated carbon on average and a 12 x 24 12' filter no less than 12 lbs. on average.

Each filter shall be individually sealed in a plastic bag before being placed in individual cartons at the factory. The cartons shall be palletized, stretch wrapped and banded to prevent damage during transport and storage.

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