Reecon A/S

Reecon A/S

Activated Carbon Filters for Air Purification and Odour Reduction


Reecon offers activated carbon filters for air purification and odour reduction. These filters are the ideal solution to combat pollutants such as: Organic compounds, dioxin, ammonium and organic amines, hydrogen sulphide, petrol and oil products, mercury, odours, inorganic and organic acids.

Activated carbon filters are used mostly for cleaning exhaust air containing volatile organic compounds or odour substances.

The air passes through a layer of activated carbon granulates or pellets which adsorbs the pollutants. A coal filter is the ideal solution when it comes to cleaning minor volumes of air with a relatively low content of pollutants. Reecon can also supply filters with regeneration units for recovery of for example chlorinated solvents.

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