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Idealwater Treatment Systems

Activated Carbon Filtration Systems



Activated Carbon: They are usually organic based coals activated particularly by burning coconut under 800°C vapour in the absence of smoke. Activated carbon removes smell, taste and color problems caused by organic substances. It adsorbes substances like chlorine, chlorine compounds, detergent, petroleum, industrial wastes, solvents and asbestos. All the control valves used in Ideal AC Series systems do the service and backwash processes automatic time controlled. The Quartz, activated carbon minerals and linear fibre coated epoxy plated polyethylene tank that make up the system, all meet the world food norms.

In selecting activated carbon filter, our project department determine the optimum surface velocity according to the rate of flow, organic substances and activated chlorine amount of your water. Regarding the activated carbon adsorption coefficients they determine the amount of materials to be hold on the surface, backwash and rinse periods and finally choose the most efficient system for you.

Backwash process is not done for the regeneration of activated carbon minerals, but for breaking up the mineral groups that are pressed and blocked under pressure.

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