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Model Purakol-HG - Activated Carbon Media


PURAFIL PURAKOL-HG MEDIA, 3EE shall consist of sulfurized, bituminous, coal based, pelletized, activated carbon of high adsorptive capacity. Purakol-HGs Media is specifically designed for the capture of mercury vapors.

The Chemisorptive Process
The chemisorptive process shall remove contaminant gases by means of adsorption, absorption, and chemical reaction. Gases shall be trapped within the pellet where an irreversible chemical reaction changes the gases into harmless solids, eliminating the possibility of desorption.

Physical Properties
Purakol-HG* Media shall have the following physical properties:

  • CTC: 65%, minimum
  • BULK DENSITY, TYPICAL: 34 lbs/ft3
  • HARDNESS: 98, minimum
  • SULFUR CONTENT, % BY WEIGHT: 13%, minimum
  • MERCURY CAPACITY: 65% by weight

Installation And Disposal Instructions

  • Installation: installers shall use dust masks, safety goggles, and rubber gloves.
  • Disposal: Spent Purakol-HGe Media should be disposed of according to local, state and federal guidelines.

Application Guidelines

  • Purakol-HG* Media shall perform effectively under the following conditions and guidelines
  • Temperature:-4° F to 125° F {-20°Cto 51° C)
  • Humidity: 10-95% RH

Purakol-HG* Media is ideally suited for critical applications such as destruction of fluorescent light bulbs, and other mercury containing devices.

Target Contaminants
Mercury vapors

Logistical Considerations

  • Purakoi-HG* Media is shipped as Class 70.
  • For international shipments, the Schedule B number is 3802.10.0000.
  • Purakol-HG* Media is packaged in W boxes, pails or 40 ft! super sacks.

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