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- Model PE-300 - Activated Carbon Scrubber Systems



SWEET-AIRE PE-300 MDPE drum scrubber units are designed to provide the same adsorption functionality as larger units; but only on a smaller scale. The drums can be filled with media custom-selected to provide the maximum time on stream between changeouts and to deliver the optimum contaminant removal while in service.

  • Sewer gas relief vents,  manhole ventilation along collection systems
  • Headworks channel odor control
  • Storage tank vents
  • Landfill gas odor scrubbing
  • Sludge thickening tank and digester tank odor control
  • Tanker truck loading facilities vapor containment
  • API separators and other wastewater facility VOC or odor control.
  • Laboratory fume hood ventilation VOC abatement

Every SWEET-AIRE HDPE drum scrubber contains a media support system that ensures that the airflow across the media is evenly distributed to provide consistent and efficient contaminant removal.

The SWEET-AIRE HDPE drum scrubber units provide the end user with many benefits:

  • Simple installation and ease of operation
  • Corrosion resistant design - no metal in contact with process stream
  • Supplied with the type of media to fit the application
  • Units can be installed in parallel or series to provide additional capacity or stages of treatment
  • System design will handle varying flow rates and process variability without reduction in performance
  • Media support system ensures maximum media utilization and longer run lengths than pipe distributor designs
  • Minimized treatment cost due to cost-effective design
  • Many fan options to meet any ventilation need

  • Container Open top 150 gallon plastic drum,
  • 31”D by 48”H
  • Body High molecular weight, medium-density polyethylene (HMW-MDPE). Minimum thickness 0.25”
  • CoverHMW-MDPE with four SS and rubber tiedown straps, and EPDM gasket
  • Inlet  6” Dia. PE Pipe Stub
  • Outlet  6” Dia. PE Pipe Stub. Optional TEE vent with SS screen available
  • Drain¾”  FNPT
  • Media support   FRP grating and PVC screen
  • Max Oper. Temp  160°F
  • Max. Oper. Press. 2 psig
  • Max. Flow300 ACFM
  • Carbon Capacity 13.0 cu. ft. 
  • Empty Drum Wt. 42 lbs
  • Fan (optional): Custom sizes. FRP, SS, PolyPro,
  • or Aluminum Construction

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