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Activated Carbon Treatment And Ion Exhange Vessels



Through our strategic partnership with Jacobi Carbons, Cornelsen Ltd. can not only offer our own wide range of Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) vessels with capacities up to 28,000 litres and flow rates up to 150m3/hr but also the Jacobi Carbons 2000 litre vessel swap out service.

In either case, as Jacobi carbons UK and Ireland sole distributor for activated carbons in the remediation business, we have access to their full range of coal and coconut carbons and of course regenerated carbon.

All spent carbon whether removed from our own vessels or from the Jacobi vessels can be sent to regeneration. Selection of the most appropriate Jacobi Carbons product will depend on the nature of the contaminants and it’s concentrations.

  • A very wide range of pressure vessels ranging from 900 litres to 28,000 litres
  • Intregral pressure relief and anti-syphon piping (Cornelsen vessels);
  • Swift vessel swap out service to avoid on site carbon changing (Jacobi vessels only);
  • Rapid mobilisation;
  • Highly efficient treatment solution;
  • Suitable for a very wide range of hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons;

Connected via either rigid or flexible piping, aqueous phase GACs are used for the adsorption of dissolved phase organic contaminants.  Subject to the type of contaminants, adsorption efficiencies can often be very high indeed.  Cornelsen can help specify the most appropriate carbon product and indeed undertake a cost benefit analysis to consider whether in fact and Air Stripper system may be more cost effective.  Removal of suspended solids and any NAPL prior to the GAC vessels is essential for the most cost effective and efficient use of activated carbon.

  • Influent & effluent sample pipes
  • Safety valve
  • Air release/anti siphon valves
  • Carbon drain valve
  • Media fill hatch on top
  • Lift eyes
  • Anti syphon loop
  • Inlet & Outlet valves
  • Pressure guages

Common Features

  • Backwashing valves/pipes
  • Large base plate
  • Hinged manway hatch

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