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Activated Carbons


1.Bituminous coal-based granular Activated Carbons (specifications in ASTM standard): Mainly for various liquid treatment. Mesh sizes: 4x8, 8x30, 12x40, 200mesh, 325mesh(powder carbon), and  etc., or as per custom sizes Iodine: 700 - 1100mg/g; Methylene Blue: 100 - 240mg/g; CTC: 40% - 90%; Bet surface area: 800 - 1100m2/g; Ash content: 8% - 18%; Hardness: 85% - 98%; Moisture: 2% - 8%; pH: 6 – 11. Note: Iodine, Methylene Blue, CTC, bet surface area and ash content vary as per the changes of raw materials, as in recent years, the raw material of bituminous coal is not as good as before.

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