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Model Strathtox - Activated Sludge / Toxicity Breathing Apparatus



Strathtox in the treatment of wastewater and the design and optimization of treatment processes has a significant role. Able to provide information on the health status of the activated sludge, oxygen consumption rate, respiratory depression and optimize nitrification and aeration and other analytical data.

  • Respiratory depression test
  • Nitrification inhibition test
  • BOD rapid measurement
  • Condition monitoring of sludge
  • Optimized aeration
  • Use self-activated sludge microorganisms
  • Fast breathing analysis and results reporting takes less time than 10mins

Wastewater Monitoring

  • Industrial effluent toxicity testing
  • Wastewater toxicity test
  • Chronic toxicity test the toxicity of new products
  • Evolutionary process and sludge treatment
  • Condition monitoring of sludge
  • Optimization of aeration
  • Toxic Emissions Monitoring
  • Identify sources of toxicity
  • Toxicity Reduction of effluent toxicity test the effect of the process
  • The toxicity of scanning for the new product

  • Landfill toxicity testing
  • Process analysis and simulation
  • Technical parameters:
  • Sensor: 6 Strathkelvin 1302 oxygen electrode, the bias voltage is 650mv
  • Communication: USB1.1
  • Ambient temperature: + 10 ° C to + 40 ° C, 20% to 80% RH.
  • Temperature range: Ambient temperature -10 ° C to 40 ° C.
  • Temperature accuracy: ± 0.1 ° C.
  • Bath volume: 700ml
  • Flask volume: 650ml
  • Environment: Indoor use the highest altitude of 2000m
  • Net Weight: 15KG

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