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Active Lime Rotary Kiln


Active lime rotary kiln is composed of cylinder, gears,support device, kiln liner and kiln tail sealing equipment, hood of kiln head and alkene material device etc..Active Lime rotary kiln as a heating device is a high-quality steel processed, is supported on the support device by tyer, and there is hydraulic pressure catch wheel on the first or some gear in order to control the turning of cylinder.Gearing gyrate according to process-required rotating speed by ring gear in the middle of cylinder. Because of the need of installation or maintenance, the bigger Active lime rotary kiln has auxiliary gears, which makes cylinder gyrate more slowly. To prevent cold air come in and dust overflow, the reliable kiln tail and hed sealing equipment are installed on feed and discharge end.The most common are Cement clinker Rotary kiln, etc., more models to choose.

1.Cylinder tyer bolster: lower bolster has three types: fixed, zoom and floating. The structure has simple replacement that is convenient and won't hurt cylinder.

2.Gears:single or double. Control the rotating speed by blucher, DE machine and frequency variable motor. Reliable energy-saving, and efficient.

3.Sealing equipment:there are many kinds for choice according to kiln models .

4.Spring edge sealing, graphite block sealing and combination for above. The feather is adaptive for cylinder rotating and swing. And sealing effect is very good.

5.Support device:advanced shaft structure, automatic temperature measuring device and electrical heating.

1,The specification of the rotary kiln should meet the demand of burning system output and it should be determined comprehensively combining the raw materials or fuel condition and the configuration situation of the preheater,decomposition furnace and the cooling machine.

2,The proportion of preheater kiln and pre-decomposing furnace(L/D) had better to be 11-16.  

3,The slope of preheater and decomposition furnace should be 3.5%-3.5%; In the terms of rotation speed, the decomposition furnace should be 3.0-3.5 r/min and the preheater should be 2.0-2.5 r/min. The speed changing range should be1:10. 

4,The cooling of rotary kiln burned into cylinder should adopt forced air cooling.

5,The main motor of rotary kiln should adopt stepless variable speed motor and should be installed auxiliary transmission and emergency power supply.

Working principle of active lime rotary kiln:

The limestone is 1150 degrees Celsius in the preheater kiln gas heated to 900 degrees Celsius, about 30% decomposition,and then the hydraulic push the push rod into rotary kiln. The limestone in rotary kiln roasts decomposition theory for CaO and CO2. Decomposition generates into the cooler lime and will be cooled in the cold air cooling to 100 degree Celsius eduction. The heat to 600 degrees Celsius heat of air into the kiln and the mixed fuel gas. The cold wind confirmed by waste gas again into the bag filter induced fan, then the drained to the chimney. Discharge of the cooler the lime vibrating feeder, chain conveyor and fight a pattern lift machine and belt into the lime library. According to the needs of user to determine whether screening process classification.

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