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- Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)



The Activator is the cornerstone of the ActiveTag control point architecture. The Activator is a stand-alone transmitter that connects directly to an application-specific antenna to provide a low frequency activation signal that awakens tags as they pass through the antenna’s field. The Activator writes its location ID to the tag, which is then re-transmitted, along with the tag’s unique ID, to provide the tag’s precise location at the time of activation. By adjusting the power output on the Activator, the activation area can be expanded or reduced, thus creating control points from a few feet in diameter to tens of feet across.The Activator can be configured with its own user-defined location ID via serial port (using a PC or terminal communications device) or manually via jumpers. The unit installs easily and offers flexible coverage for perimeter doors, interior zones, vehicle lanes and other control points throughout the facility.

  • Control Point Architecture - limits tag activation to specific user-defined points or zones for tracking and control
  • Adjustable Power - activation zone can be sized using a simple turning tool with exterior LED power-level indicators
  • Signal Penetration - low frequency signal penetrates briefcases, luggage, clothing, people and virtually all non-metallic building materials
  • Flexible Installation - connects directly to a wide variety of application-specific antennas at distances up to 50 feet away

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