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- Model AWG 1000 - Generator


Large companies in the food industry are convinced of the efficiency and reliability of the AWG 1000. Even the largest enterprises can cover a wide range of applications with ActiWa at the same time using only one generator. The enormous daily output of more than 20 m³ ActiWa leaves nothing to be desired. With this amount of ActiWa, an incredible 15-30 million liters of drinking water can be disinfected per day.

  • ActiWa production: 1000 L/h
  • target concentration of substances ActiWa: ca.150 ppm
  • electric input capacity: 5100 W
  • voltage: 400 VAC
  • weight: 370 kg
  • width: 800 mm
  • height: 1800 mm
  • depth: 1200 mm
  • brine consumption: ca. 10 L/h
  • tap size (metric): DN25

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