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- Model AWG 150 - Generator


The AWG 150 - first choice for comprehensive applications. The choice of an AWG 150 is often made by medium to large food processors who want to take full advantage of the range of applications with ActiWa. The use of a buffer tank compensates the fluctuating daily demand for ActiWa. The full capacity of 24 hours can thus be used. In theory, more than 50 m³ of a disinfecting solution (diluted ActiWa) per day are available for disinfecting applications in CIP processes.

  • ActiWa production: 150: L/h
  • target concentration of substances ActiWa: ca.150 ppm
  • electric input capacity: 700 W
  • voltage: 400 VAC
  • weight: 60 kg
  • width: 1000 mm
  • height: 700 mm
  • depth: 200 mm
  • brine consumption: ca. 1.5 L/h
  • tap size (metric): 3/4l in.

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