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- Model RC-TVR - Actuator Utomatic Closure For Containers Using Vacuum Regulators



The Model RC is an actuator that OPENS AND CLOSES the valve on compressed gas cylinders such as chlorine and sulfur dioxide ton containers. The actuator is battery-operated with an electric motor that rotates the valve stem toward open or closed position for alignment, tests, and remote operation. The actuator is designed to mount without interfering with container mounted hardware such as chlorinators, regulators etc. No yoke modifications or additional adaptors are required. The motor, gears, and controls are assembled as one unit.

  • Battery operated with automatic charger
  • NO large signal cables
  • Remote control by leak detector, panic button, or other digital signals such as PLC or computer
  • Easily attaches to valve
  • Eliminates the need for scrubbers in certain applications per the Uniform Fire Code

The system includes a remote power supply enclosure for trickle charge of the SLA battery.  Engaging the actuator is accomplished by using the alignment procedure incorporated into the integral microprocessor. Monitor and controls are accomplished with the microprocessor and integral LED lights for CLOSED, ALIGN, and OPEN. Setup is accomplished through an integral keypad. Valve position is transmitted to the microprocessor from a direct-coupled potentiometer.

  • Enclosure : NEMA 4X
  • Battery : 12-Volt SLA 7AH
  • Charger : 120/240 VAC, 2 Amp Automatic
  • Indicator : Three LEDs
  • Inputs : Close from Remote Contact
  • Remote : Battery and Charger
  • Rotation : Programmable up to 360 degrees
  • Materials : Polycarbonate, stainless steel, steel, brass, RF Nylon
  • Actuator wt. : 6.5 Pounds
  • Torque : 40 ft/pounds
  • Compatibility : Chlorine Institute 110 and Conforms to CI Publication 'RECOMMENDATIONS FOR EMERGENCY CLOSURE DEVICES FOR CONTAINER VALVES'

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