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Pharma and biotech companies today perceive they have to compromise between the convenience of target-based screening and the relevance of phenotypic screening. TTP Labtech’s acumen Cellista laser scanning imaging cytometer (LSIC) overcomes the challenges associated with full compound library phenotypic screening, allowing users the flexibility to choose the most appropriate strategy. acumen Cellista is unique in providing the value of a high content approach in a format that is both manageable and approachable for high throughput screening (HTS).

  • add biological relevance to your HTS: acumen Cellista brings biological relevance to your current throughput levels, enabling full library phenotypic screening to ensure you never miss that potential blockbuster, without escalating costs
  • free your imaging department from bottlenecks: acumen Cellista effortlessly improves high content analysis (HCA) efficiency by eliminating existing imaging workflow bottlenecks, allowing you to focus specialised resources on complex, high magnification assays
  • immediate decision-making data: acumen Cellista’s unique cytometric data gives you instant results and small file sizes so you don’t have to spend your time managing a data mountain.
  • be productive straight away: acumen Cellista is simple to integrate and automate, and its template-based software easy to operate without specialist users or endless ongoing training.

work the way you want to, without compromise

In order to maximise the benefits of phenotypic screening and minimise your chances of missing a blockbuster hit, you need to screen your full compound library rather than using library subsets selected by biased target-based data.

The problem is that companies perceive they have to compromise between the convenience of target-based HTS and the relevance of phenotypic screening.

acumen Cellista bridges the gap between high throughput screening and microscope-based high content analysis, offering productivity enhancements without incurring infrastructure changes.

Its unique positioning benefits:

  • HTS departments needing to improve the biological relevance of screening assays without compromises to throughput and costs per well.
  • high content imaging groups currently running low-throughput phenotypic high content assays looking to benefit from increased capacity without compromising biological relevance.

technology overcomes standard bottlenecks

TTP Labtech combined the object recognition capabilities of microscope-based high content systems with the ultra-fast speeds of bulk fluorescence readers to create acumen: a laser scanning imaging cytometer, now in its fourth generation.

acumen Cellista achieves cellular resolution at high throughput by laser scanning excitation through a specialized f-theta lens and photomultiplier tube (PMT) signal detection. This approach enables rapid whole-well imaging and facilitates the imaging of 3D cellular models due to its large depth of field. Using the principles of cytometry, acumen simultaneously acquires and analyses every object within each well. It provides a hit list from robust, content-rich data from cellular populations in only 5 minutes, even for 1536-well plates.

These key features allow acumen Cellista to achieve screening throughputs of over 2 million compounds per week from assays with greater biological relevance. It gives you decision-making data in as little as 5 minutes per plate and removes the potential for delays due to image analysis or data validation bottlenecks.

acumen Cellista’s cytometric approach is quick to learn and data output files are small, making it simple to integrate into a screening workflow with little change to your existing infrastructure – and without creating a data mountain to manage.

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