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- Model Combi 13 - Airborne Sound Insulation



Acusticell Combi 13 is combined barrier mat with a soft foam distance. It is preferable used for insulation of tubes and slso for boat and vehicle engine rooms.

  • Extra ordinary sound insulation and absorption
  • Good for tube insulation
  • Flexible also at low temperatures
  • Repels liquids and moisture
  • Easy to wash
  • Difficult to ignite

Hoods for engines, compressors, hydraulic machines.

Transportation and vehicles
Engine room insulation for Boats, Motorcars, buses, trucks, contractor’s machinery, forest machinery.

Hospital care and large-scale kitchens

Insulation of engine rooms.

Method of use
The parts are cut or stamped to the required shape and carefully pressed on to a surface that must be free from oil, dirt, and dust.

  • Sound absorption: See PDF diagram.
  • Total thickness: 13 mm
  • Thickness barrier mat: 3 mm
  • Thickness Distance foam: 10 mm
  • Fire class: ISO 3795, FMVSS 302
  • Weight Barrier: 5,5 kg/m2
  • Delivery format: 1200x1000mm (other sizes and shapes can be supplied on request)

The shaping and positioning of the material is of major importance to achieve an optimal sound-dampening effect.

Sontech has long experience of practical noise control projects in a wide range of industrial fields. These experiences can be a valuable addition to the laboratory data given in the datasheet. Sontech can also assist with advice and sound measurements for noise control and in the manufacture of customised material sets.

  • Exampel of ordering code: Combi 13

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