Aquadyna Industries Inc.

Aquadyna Industries Inc.

Model AD500 - Fogging Auto Control System


Pumping system equipped with timer,feed water filter,intake solenoid valve,exhaust solenoid valve and 1M outer pressure tube. No drippings from nozzles while the operation comes to a stop.

1.Oilless/greaseless lubrication in pump circulation.
2.Water supply at small quantity:400~500ml/0.4~0.5 liter.
3.Low noisy.
4.Light in weight.
5.Working pressure at 60~70kgf/cm2.

1.Lowering the ambient temperature.
2.Lanscape gardening.
3.Disinfection and repelling insects.
4.Electrostatic discharging.
5.Cleaning down the dust,pollen,or pollutants in the air.
6.Increasing air anions.

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