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- Model AV-7A - Aseptic Sampling Valves


Application AV-7A stainless steel aseptic sampling valves are used in the food, dairy, brewery, winery and many other hygienic industries. Materials Materials: AISI-316L Size: DN8 Diaphragm: Silicone (for standard valve), EPDM (for valve with micro type connector) Standard Design Aseptic sampling valve is made from three parts: valve body, valve head and one piece of diaphragm. A rubber diaphragm valve is put at the axis of valve head, acting as an extensible valve core. End connections can be welded, clamped or threaded, only one size DN8 available. Handle type: rotary handle, key handle Valve open: sampling valve close: sterilization

Sanitary sample valve is a type of valve used in process industries that allows taking a representative portion of a fluid (gases, liquids, fluidized, solids, or slurries) to test (e.g. by physical measurements, chemical analysis, microbiological examination), typically for the purposes of identification, quality control, or regulatory assessment. It is a valve used for sampling.

Adamant Valves AV-7 series Sample valves are used in piping systems or on tanks for sampling. It can also be assembled at the bottom of the tank or pipeline for residue drain.

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