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- Model E525WS, TE525, TE525MM - Tipping Bucket Rain Gages


The TE525-series tipping bucket rain gages are manufactured by Texas Electronics. Both the TE525WS and TE525 measure in 0.01 inch increments; the TE525MM measures in 0.1 mm increments. These gages funnel precipitation into a bucket mechanism that tips when filled to a calibrated level. A magnet attached to the tipping mechanism actuates a switch as the bucket tips. The momentary switch closure is counted by the pulse-counting circuitry of Campbell Scientific dataloggers.

Snowfall Adapter
The TE525WS and TE525 are compatible with Campbell Scientific’s CS705 Snowfall Conversion Adapter, which allows you to measure the water content of snow. The CS705 uses antifreeze to melt the snow. The TE525 requires a recalibration when the CS705 is added or removed; the TE525WS does not. The TE525MM is not compatible with the CS705. For more information about the CS705, refer to the CS705 product literature.

The TE525-series rain gages mount to a CM300-series Mounting Pole or a user-supplied 1.5' IPS pole. Several pedestal options are available
to secure a CM300-series pole to the ground. Accurate measurements require the gage to be level.

Wind Screen
Campbell Scientific offers the 260-953 Wind Screen to help minimize the affect of wind on the rain measurements. This wind screen consists of 32 leaves that hang freely and swing as the wind moves past them.

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