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- Model HE Series - Bare-Shaft Air Blowers (3 Lobe)



In their standard form the HE range of blowers are equip for the delivery of air up to a pressure of 1bar and a negative vacuum of 500mb abs. Special versions for the delivery of other gaseous media are also available upon request. In total there are 13 sizes of blower available, with cubic volumes ranging from 7 - 10,000m³/h. An increase of pressure or vacuum can also be made possible through the use of blowers linked in series, or by the use of water jet pumps.


The blowers in our new series are of the Roots type and incorporate a combination of all the advancements from previously produced blower types. This brings with it the knowledge and assurance that this new range of blowers uses the very latest designs and developments which have been gained by our continually improved product range.

Rotors: All our blowers use a tri-lobe design which greatly reduces air pulsations in the pipeline. This reduction plays a key role in extending the expected service life for such components as membranes, flexible hoses and other perishable components. A graph showing a performance comparison with a standard bi-lobe blower can be seen below.

  • All rotors are dynamically balanced, further reducing mechanical vibrations which can cause bearing failure or stress fractures to silencers and connected pipe work.

The blower body and end plates are cast from GJL250 and GJL200 cast iron. The body is also optimally ribbed in order for sufficient heat dispersal and for added rigidity. Rotors and shafts are cast in one piece from GJS500 ensuring optimum strength. This process can be seen in the picture of the three rotors, showing from raw casting to finished product.

Gears and drive end bearings are both oil lubricated, with the air chamber isolated from the oil sumps by means of labyrinth seals and piston rings. This method of sealing virtually eliminates any chance of oil contaminating to the air supply.

The gears are manufactured with direct and oblique teeth, hardened and ground to give a minimum service life of 100,000 hours of trouble-free operation. The connection of the gears to the shaft is designed according to the blower size, and involves either pressing the gear directly onto the shaft, or fitting by means of a special cone clutch with high security against twisting.

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