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- Model SR Series - Vacuum Range (2 Lobe)



The Adams Ricardo® SR vacuum range is based on five gear centre sizes from 70.5mm to 197mm with low, medium and high pressure models available throughout. Virtually any combination of airflow and pressure is available from 20 to 6200 m³/hr (10 to 3650 cfm) with a full -500mbar pressure available at all flows up to 4620 m³/hr (2721 cfm).

The unique engineering features of the Adams Ricardo SR blower range include rotors of cycloidal form with carbon tip inserts which:

  • maximise airflow and efficiency
  • minimise energy consumption
  • minimise running temperatures

On start-up, the carbon tip beds in, leaving an absolute minimum running clearance compatible with blower duty. When the time comes eventually for an overhaul, these carbon tips can be quickly and easily replaced to restore the original clearances and efficiency. Timing gears are positively fixed to the rotor shafts by a unique, precision dowelling process.

This ensures accurate and automatic phasing on assembly and eliminates the need for specialist tools and skills.

All units are suitable for operation as vacuum pumps up to 15'hg vacuum.

  • Performance graphs: detailed pressure and vacuum charts can be supplied for each selection.
  • Oil free air: vented air gaps between the air chamber and the lubrication system prevent contamination of air flow.
  • Guaranteed performance: all blowers /exhausters are dynamically balanced and fully tested. Test certificates are available if required.
  • Full warranty: all units carry a warranty against faulty workmanship and materials

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