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Adapter for External Cell



Adapter for all types of Flash detectors enabling connection of external cell by optical cables with SMA connectors. All ECOM FLASH detectors are available also with adaptation for external cell connection. It is realized using an adapter which is assembled and adjusted in production, along with changed sensitivity of CCD element. This allows to measure with lower light intensity caused by loses occurring in fiber optic cables.

Cell is installed out of unit and it is connected with the unit using fiber optic cable with SMA connectors. External cells and fiber optics cables are a subject of customers’ choice and are not included in price of the detector.

As an accessory of the EX detectors is delivered ZK EX cell which is a fiber optic coupling used as test cell. This allows determining problems with the cell or mobile phase impurity.

When choosing fiber optic cable, please be aware that they absorb mainly at the deep UV near to 200 nm and too long cable causes high losses and may even make measuring impossible.

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