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Conventional methods for the reduction of vibrations in piping systems often require a rather intense intervention in the piping system, causing high effort in terms of construction, time and money. In order to circumvent the problems mentioned above, Wölfel developed the ADD.Pipe®, an Active Pipe Vibration Absorber, which strongly reduces pipe vibrations in a broad frequency range. The ADD.Pipe® („ADD“ stands for „Active Damping Device“) is a three-degrees-of-freedom system consisting of three actuators and reaction masses, reducing all vibrations in any direction to the pipe axis.

The ADD.Pipe® is applied to the pipe and is activated one-time. There will be no additional efforts and expenses. Compared to mostly heavy passive absorbers the effectiveness does not depend on the absorber mass, but only on the actuator force. A vibration reduction up to factor 15 can be reached with a mass ratio of only 1 %.

The possibility of installing the active absorber in any location at the pipe without requiring an abutment - this location allows to be selected only according to structural-dynamics requirements - is the main advantage over passive absorbers.

Changes of the pipe system such as thermal fluctuation are unproblematic, thanks to the robust control algorithm – the ADD.Pipe® always works reliably and with optimum settings.

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