Addfield Environmental Systems Ltd.

- Model 20ft - Heavy Duty Skid Mounted Mobile Incinerator



The 20ft heavy duty skid has a hook lift which makes it easy to lift onto a trailer or articulated vehicle, and allows it to be effortlessly taken on and off vehicles when site relocation is required. Addfield skid mounted units are an ideal solution for desert, remote location or even war zones, any  application when a fast response is required. The skid units also include shipping / crane hooks, and are a “ready to go complete unit.” If you have a requirement for a Skid Mounted High Capacity thermal configuration, then look no further than Addfeild.

  • 20ft heavy duty skid.
  • ADR 1000 litre leak proof bunded fuel tank.
  • 6kva Generator.

  • Natural disasters.
  • Culling of animals.
  • Epidemics (avian flu, African swine flu etc).

Parameters: Value

  • Gas Retention Time: 2 Seconds Seconds
  • Fuel Options: Diesel, LPG, Natural Gas, Bio Fuel
  • Afterburn Complies with EU Legislation: Yes
  • CE Certified: Yes

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