Addfield Environmental Systems Ltd.

- Model GM-250 - Medical Waste Incinerators (250Kg)



The Addfield GM machine is a 250kg load capacity medical incinerator. The smallest machine in the GM medical waste disposal range, it is perfect for incineration of sharps, boxes, general medical, clinical and pathological waste.

The GM250 machine is designed with a burn rate of 50kg per hour virtually smokeless odourless and EU compliant.

The machine is fully automatic and is controlled via the Addfield touch screen PLC controller. It utilises some of the most advanced materials in construction and is manufactured in Great Britain to an extremely high standard.

Parameters: Value

  • Volume: 0.45 m³
  • Loading Chambers Size: 1m x 0.655m x 0.67m
  • Loading Method: Top
  • Load Capacity: 250 kg
  • Refactory Thickness: 180mm
  • Gas Retention Time: 2 Seconds
  • Fuel Options: Diesel, LPG, Natural Gas, Bio Fuel
  • Afterburn Complies with EU Legislation: Yes
  • CE Certified: Yes

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