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- Model MP-400 - Medical Waste Incinerator (400Kg)



The MP-400 is a small-medium compact medical incineration machine. Ideal for Hospitals, Primary Medical Services, Research Centres, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Private Surgery Practices, Cosmetic Surgery Practices, Care Homes and other Clinical Waste facilities. The MP-400 machine is equipped with a 0.98m³ chamber and Hot Hearth technology.

Hot hearth technology effectively incinerates waste from above and below simultaneously.

As such, whilst the MP-400 machine can handle a wide variety of waste, it is specifically competent when dealing with Category 2, 3 and 4 types or those less than <3000Kcal and red bag waste.

This is an area where conventional medical incinerators struggle with the complete combustion cycle.

The MP-400 is a highly effective and very fuel-efficient machine burn rates to suit any application ideally suited to servicing the needs of a hospital with approximately 500-800 occupied beds per day.

Parameters: Value

  • Volume: 1 m³
  • Loading Chambers Size: 2m x 0.7m x 0.7m
  • Loading Method: Front
  • Load Capacity: 400 kg
  • Refactory Thickness: 220mm
  • Gas Retention Time: 2 Seconds
  • Fuel Options: Diesel, LPG, Natural Gas, Bio Fuel
  • Afterburn Complies with EU Legislation: Yes
  • CE Certified: Yes

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