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- Ion Exchange (IX) System



Ion Exchange (IX) is a method of removing undesirable metallic salt ions from water by exchanging them with other ions attached to a media or resin. This chemical process occurs because ions have differing affinities for the resin and these ions will replace ions with less attraction as they flow over the media. The ions most often used as the exchange ions are sodium and chloride. Ions typically removed in this process are nitrate, uranium, radium, and other radionuclides. Eventually, the resin will be saturated with undesirable ions. Depending on the application, the resin may be regenerated on site, regenerated at a central regeneration facility, or be completely replaced and disposed of.

  • ADNO3 for nitrate removal
  • AD88 for radium removal
  • AD92 for uranium removal
  • ADCr6 for hexavalent chromium removal
  • ADIX-SOFT for softening
  • ADIX-TOC for TOC removal
  • ADIX-BOR for boron removal

  • High-efficiency water conservation for minimizing waste
  • High-efficiency salt usage for conserving OPEX
  • Automated bypass with proportioning valve for consistency in reaching targeted water quality
  • Countercurrent Regeneration to limit contaminant leakage and allows for lower salt usage
  • Water/brine recovery system

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