Metrohm Nederland

- Model 2004 - Alert Colorimeter



This low-cost colorimetric analyzer is available for standard parameters and ranges. Differential Absorbance Colorimetry (DAC) prevents interference from the initial sample colour and the Cuvette assembly provides excellent accuracy in low concentrations (ppb to ppm level).

  • Prevents background sample colour interfering with the analysis.
  • The colorimeter uses long life-time LED's and color filters.
  • High sensitivity because of its long light path.
  • Automatic validation of the measurement.
  • Large measuring range.

A technique that is very useful for low concentrations of analytes. Metrohm Applikon has the ability to extend the range to accommodate all requirements. Using Differential Absorbance Colorimetry (DAC)  the effect of background sample colour and turbidity is removed. The wide range of LED sources and filters makes it possible to offer a solution to a wide range of applications. Typical examples are COD measurements, Ammonia and Chlorine in Boiler Feed, Iron in many different waters, Phenol in Industrial Waste Water, etc.

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