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- Heavy Duty Double-Layer Filter Socks / Dewatering Bags

Our heavy duty double-layered socks made from ADsorb-it® Filtration Fabric will filter silt, oil, oil sheen, and oil-borne contaminants from water discharges. They can be made in any size for your individual needs. ADsorb-it® filtration fabric provides approximately 100 micron filtration, thus the Filter Sock will act to reduce silt levels in discharge waters as well as filtering out oil, oil sheen, and oil-borne contaminants. The SFS8-5SL is a Single Layer version of our regular SFS8-5 Filter Sock. We can design and manufacture specialty filter socks for your specific application. Available Options: Filter Sock 3 x 30 #SFS3-30 Filter Sock 5 x 57 #SFS5-57 Filter Sock 8 x 5 #SFS8-5 Filter Sock 8 x 10 #SFS8-10 Filter Sock (SINGLE LAYER) 8 x 5 #SFS8-5SL


Filter Oil, Oil Sheen and Suspended Solids from Water!

Our standard socks are made from a double layer of ADsorb-it Filtration Fabric.

  • 3″ diameter, 30′ long Item #SFS3-30
  • 5″ diameter, 5′ long Item #SFS5-57
  • 8″ diameter, 10′ long Item #SFS8-10
  • 8″ diameter 5′ long Item #SFS8-5, Item #SFS8-5SL (Single Layer Fabric)

“Three years of use and still going strong!”
The mid-size SFS5-57 Filter Sock pictured to the right has been in continual use for three years. A wringer system is used to recover the oils, and the socks reused.


ADsorb-it Filter Socks, once they have become saturated with oil, can be centrifuged or passed through a wringer to recover the oils, and the filter socks reused. Recovered oils can then be processed, reused, or recycled. Filter socks can also be sent to a commercial laundry to be returned to a like-new condition.

Filter Socks: Built to take the pressure!


10′ sock filled with sediment
Item #SFS8-10, 8″ diameter x 10′ long filter sock, holds up to 3.5 cu.ft. of sediment.


Item #SFS8-5 our 8″ diameter x 5′ long filter sock
Ranging from 3″ diameter by 30″ long, to a 8″ diameter by 10′ long, our sturdy Filter Socks will remove suspended solids between 100-140 micron while filtering out oil, oil sheen, and oil-borne contaminants.


5′ sock being used to pump out an underground excavation.
Our Filter Socks can be cleaned and reused.

For Spill Response
Use Boom Covers and ShoreGuard/ DumboSurfers for oil and oil sheen recovery on open waters.

ADsorb-it’s wicking action allows the oils, oil sheen and oil-borne contaminants to be contained in the entire fabric as opposed to only the point of contact. Oil and oil sheen adhere to the ADsorb-it fibers and are not displaced by water.

For Shoreline Protection
Adsorb-it conforms easily to uneven surfaces such as shorelines, streambeds and rock formations or may be configured into a barrier fence as used by BP for the Gulf Oil Spill.

ADsorb-it inhibits oils and oil-borne contaminants in water from impacting the land, and contaminants on land from impacting the water. Equally effective wet or dry, in salt or fresh water. The oil displaces the water in the fabric.

For Oil Recovery
Allows the recovery of adsorbed oils and oil-borne contaminants.

Oil may be recovered from the filtration fabric by physical means (wringing, pressing, centrifuge, etc.) after which you may reuse it with little reduction in its efficacy.

For Ditch or Pond Liners
Excellent liner for drainage ditches or retention ponds where oil pollution is a problem.

Oils are held in the filter fabric matrix and allowed to degrade naturally. ADsorb-it inhibits oil and oil-borne contaminant pollution on water from spreading to the surrounding soil or perking from the soil to the water.

For Pumping Underground Vaults
Our Vault Maintenance System (VMS) allows you to pump water from underground vaults directly into the environment.

A staged filtration system in an easy-to-use sock configuration that filters TSS and Oil & Grease to below regulatory guidelines.

 For Stormwater Filtration
Filter oil and oil-borne contaminants, control bacterial proliferation in ditches and piping, retention ponds, sumps, and catch basins.

ADsorb-it products are available for use in catch basins, approved by the Dept of Ecology, and much easier to install than other available catch basin inserts. We have Antimicrobial products available to control bacteria in stagnant or low-flow conditions.

For Oil Water Separators
Use as a filter media before the final discharge to eliminate oil sheen.

The US Navy uses ADsorb-it on the shoreline beneath their oil/water separator outfall to prevent any oil or oil sheen from impacting the water.

For Wastewater Filtration – FOG
Use in interceptors and grease traps or use to filter industrial mop water.

Highly effective in the removal of fats, oils, and greases (FOG) when used for filtration — virtually eliminating system blockages due to grease buildup. Excellent for the removal of oil and oil-borne contaminants from any wastewater stream.

As A Sorbent
“ADsorbs” up to twenty times its weight in oils!

Outperforms typical polypropylene products (the industry standard) and allows the free flow of water while retaining the oils and oil-borne contaminants in the fabric matrix.

As A Fuel Source
As opposed to land fill disposal, ADsorb-it can be incinerated for its fuel value.

ADsorb-it has a higher BTU/lb rating than coal and is incinerable to less than 1% residual ash.

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