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As the gas flows into the SILOXA adsorption drying system, it is dried by two interconnected filters, identical in size, which both contain a desiccant. During the actual adsorption drying process, the raw gas flows through one of these two filters, which then takes up the water contained in the gas. This process ends as soon as the desiccant is completely saturated. A dew point transmitter installed within the clean gas flow detects when the filter is saturated. This filter is then regenerated and the second filter takes over the drying function.

Each system is designed so that the saturated filter is regenerated by a change of temperature (heat regeneration). In the heat regeneration process, gas that has already been dried is heated and passed through the adsorber with the aid of a compressor. After leaving the adsorber, moisture that has been collected during regeneration is condensed in a gas cooler. After this, the regeneration gas is reheated and goes through the cycle again.

The heat-regenerated adsorber is cooled prior to reloading in the regeneration circuit to bring it back to 'adsorption conditions'. The whole of this complex process is controlled by a PLC controller. Following the successful drying process, the dried gas has a dew point of -80°C and lower.

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