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Advanced Biological Nutrient Recovery (ABNR) System


Our Advanced Biological Nutrient Recovery (ABNR) system maximizes the recovery of excess nutrients, increases biological oxygen demand, and produces no chemical by-products, eliminating costly disposal fees. Modeled after traditional activated sludge processes, our patented system (U.S. Patent #8101080) harnesses microbiology in a photobioreactor environment that accelerates photosynthesis, the consumption of carbon dioxide and excess nutrients. Advanced microfiltration is then used to filter out high quality water from return activated algae, which returns to the beginning of the ABNR process.

The ABNR Solution is an advanced non-chemical treatment that reduces phosphorus by a factor of 10 and nitrogen by a factor of 3, while reducing other harmful contaminants in wastewater.

As a modular and bolt-on system, our system scales to any available footprint and integrates seamlessly into your existing wastewater treatment infrastructure to prevent system downtime and flow disruption, while maintaining the flexibility to meet a variety of effluent discharge requirements.

With a competitive total cost of ownership, industry experts have endorsed the Clearas ABNR Solution as a leading technology in the next generation of advanced wastewater treatment.

Modeled after traditional activated sludge processes used in biological wastewater treatment systems, the Clearas ABNR Solution has been designed to remove nutrients and contaminants that primary and secondary treatments cannot capture. The three stages – mix, recover and separate – result in effluent enriched with up to 40% more oxygen and no harmful by-products to be disposed of. Our installations are administered by a state of the art information management system, affording low-cost monitoring and accessibility from anywhere.


1. Mix

Wastewater enters the ABNR system and is mixed with carbon dioxide and a bio-diverse blend of algae and other microorganisms to initiate nutrient recovery. Carbon dioxide drives biological activity (photosynthesis) and manages pH levels.


2. Recover

In the photobioreactor environment, biological activity is optimized for the consumption of carbon dioxide, phosphorus, nitrogen and other critical constituents. System parameters – including hydraulic retention time, pH levels, and light availability – are maintained to maximize the recovery of nutrients. Dissolved oxygen is produced as a beneficial by product of the recovery phase.


3. Separate

Advanced micro-filtration separate flow into two different streams—the clean water stream and the recycle stream. The recycle stream sends healthy, Return Activated Algae and other biological organisms back to the mix phase to reseed new wastewater entering the ABNR system, while excess algae is harvested from the treatment process.

The Clearas solution is an advanced non-chemical treatment that significantly reduces levels of multiple constituents – including phosphorus by a factor of 10 and nitrogen by a factor of 3 – and other harmful contaminants in wastewater. The result is clean water, an increase of up to 40% dissolved oxygen and no harmful by-products to dispose of.
Performance Results & System Benefits

93% reduction in phosphorus

The ABNR system has been shown to reduce phosphorus loads in post-secondary treated wastewater by an average of 93% in both municipal and industrial applications.

33% reduction in nitrogen

Nitrogen loads in post-secondary treated wastewater have been reduced by an average of 33% in both municipal and industrial applications in the Clearas ABNR system.

Single solution for multi-constituent remediation

Chemical alternatives must layer in multiple technologies for multi-constituent performance. The ABNR solution reduces phosphorus and nitrogen, increases dissolved oxygen, sequesters carbon dioxide, and positively impacts other constituents such as biological oxygen demand and total suspended solids.

A modular, scalable, next generation solution

With a modular structure, the ABNR system can be scaled to fit any available footprint and has the flexibility to treat variable flow volumes. The Clearas system grows with you, scaling to comply with current permit requirements and accommodate discharge requirements of the future.

Chemical and sludge-free

Chemical treatment alternatives produce chemical sludge waste by-products with costly disposal fees The ABNR solution uses no chemicals, eliminates costly disposal fees, and produces only a natural biomass co-product for which markets are still being explored.

Competitive total cost of ownership

The ABNR system is cost-competitive on a TCO basis with alternative technologies for ENR solutions, while achieving superior results and eliminating waste by-products.

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