Advanced Compacting Dumpster



Our advanced compacting dumpsters do away with the need for separate trash compactors altogether. They are frequently placed outside malls, shopping areas, schools, colleges and other crowded locations where large amounts of trash are regularly generated. Our compacting dumpsters are available in front as well as rear loading varieties.

Thinking of buying one for your business? Here are some reasons why is a great choice!

  1. Effective use of limited space - Unlike regular garbage cans and bags, our trash compactors take up little space and allow you to go without worrying about smells, bugs or rodents that usually surround decomposing garbage.
  2. Eco-friendly recycling - Even if you live in a community where waste is recycled, a trash compactor comes in pretty handy. You can use it for your regular garbage disposal or for all that recyclable waste that takes up so much of your precious kitchen space.
  3. Easy to use - All you do is insert the key into the key switch marked ‘Compact’ and the machine flattens your trash to make room for more.
  4. Banish those smells - NorCal trash compactors have deodorizing neutralizers and holders that eliminate the smell from last night’s leftovers or any other garbage. The deodorizer or neutralizer actually destroys odor molecules so that the inside smells fresh all the time. Compare this with your average trash can that smells of anything rotting inside.

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