Water Maze - a brand by Kärcher North America

- Model EC2-20A - Advanced Electrocoagulation (EC) System



This is an advanced Electro-coagulation (EC) system for treating wash water and other industrial waste water that contains suspended solids, emulsified oils, and heavy metals. This system combines both EC water treatment technology and chemical tlocculation to enhance and speed up the process of removing constituents from the waste water. The patent pending design of the Water Maze EC-20A system allows an extremely efficient rate of removal of oils, solids and metals from the waste stream. After the electro-coagulation reaction has occurred in the electrolytic cell, a small amount of EC+ polymer is infected to quickly clump the coagulated oils, solids & metals together for removal. Treated water can be purged to the Water Maze Indexing Polishing filter for further treatment, recycled, or discharged to sanitary sewer.

  • The EC2-20A uses a highly effective mixing of the Electrically Coagulated and Chemically Flocculated waste stream to assure adequate mixing and dwell time in order for constituents to clump together, making them easier to purge from the system.
  • The EC2-20A uses a unique Electrolytic cell (EC) design featuring a stationary cartridge housing, which automatically coagulates the waste water so that solids and oils adhere to each other. The EC cell plates use a variable amp flow, providing longer cell life.
  • The Electrolytic cell cartridge is easy to remove and clean; you can also easily replace only the cell cartridge as well.
  • hvo 150 gallon Processing Tanks located on board, which stand empty except tor when processing water. Without standing water, the need for odor control is eliminated.
  • The onboard PLC Control System automatically monitors and controls the filling and purging of each tank. Once the in-feed pump stops feeding water into the system, the PLC will allow time for chemical reaction within the processing tank, before automatically purging each tank. The PLC also automatically controls the voltage to maintain the amp setting.
  • Air actuated Control Valves tor directing water flow (inlet and outlet).
  • Compact Footprint allows flexibility where the unit can be installed.
  • Simple and Automated Operation with one button control.
  • One Electrical In-feed Pump with two peristaltic pumps. PLC controlled.
  • Integrated Design accommodates interfacing of EC2-20A with other pre- and post-treatment equipment to create a totally self-contained wastewater treatment system.
  • In addition to an on-board. in-teed pump, the EC2-20A offers an optional Clean Water Recycle Module, which manages processed water (for recycle or discharge) as well as monitors and controls fresh-water makeup and excess water discharge.
  • Main Door with quick-release lockable latch allows (or easy service access; skid with carbon steel support frame and cabinet with a two part epoxy primer and polyurethane finish.
  • Internal tanks are cone bottom design with automatic purge system for easy sludge removal.

  • Process Flow Rate : Up to 10 GPM
  • Compressed Ait Supply : 5 CFM @ 85 PSI
  • Electrical : 230V 1ph 44 amps
  • Dimensions : 78' L X 58' W X 81'H
  • Ship Weight : 2.350 lbs
  • Available Options :
    • pH Controller
    • Stainless Steel Skid with powder coat finish
    • EC Flush Kit tor treat S discharge applications

  • No standing water in the tanks after processing
  • No need to process dirty water; water is quickly processed and discharged to sewer or held tor recycle
  • Modular, compact design with a small foot print
  • Highly efficient, continual flow batch feed processing system
  • Processing flow rates up to 10 GPM (gallons per minute)
  • Variable amp flow / voltage maximizes cell life and water quality
  • Patent pending design

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