Advanced Level Anaerobic Digestion Kit 201


The ADK 201 advanced level lab kit provides a useful link between metabolism, energy topics, and the cycling of elements in the environment. Learner are introduced to research tools used to cultivate and study obligate anaerobes.

With this kit, students will be able to:

  • Engage in the work of an environmental engineer as they learn properties of biogas and how scientists optimize biofuel production.
  • Observe the physical and chemical characteristics of methane.
  • Design and conduct an experiment, collect and analyze data.
  • Understand concepts of decomposition, of decomposition, bioenergetics, cycling of nutrients and nutrition
  • Become familiar with the materials and methods used to cultivate strictly anaerobic bacteria and archaea.

The kit includes 24 reusable reaction vessels and materials for up to 6 student groups with 4 variables/group. However,the protocol can be modified to use larger or smaller groups with experiments designed by students.

The kit also can be used as a starter kit for researchers working with methanogens, sulfate-reducers or other strictly anaerobic bacteria. Sealed anaerobic reaction vessels allow for sampling of biogas for further chemical analysis.Kit contains:

  • 24 anaerobic reaction vessels
  • 100g BioDrill Bacterial Innoculum
  • 200g BioDrill Resuspension Powder
  • 50g Cellulose powder
  • 100mL bottle of 60M acetic acid solution (1)
  • 1 mL sampling syringes (6)
  • 20 mL sampling syringes (6)
  • sterile hypodermic needles (12)
  • Strainer (1)
  • Funnels (6)
  • Safety Release Aluminum crimp-caps (48)
  • PTFE butyl rubber septa (48)
  • Hand crimper (1)

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