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- Advanced Oxidation Process for Industrial Wastewater Treatment System


Industrial wastewater reuse requires specific treatment methods to handle problematic pollutants in these wastewater stream, which vary by industry. The Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) is a cost-effective tertiary solution to treat industrial wastewater to meet increasingly stringent regulations on micropollutants including COD.

Innovative Advanced Oxidation Systems designed by Genesis Water Technologies typically integrate, a combination of different oxidation methods including oxidants such as ozone, hydrogen peroxide and ultraviolet disinfection. These systems create hydroxyl radicals containing considerable oxidation potential to effectively react with numerous contaminants including non-biodegradable micropollutants, trace metals, organics and pathogens. These generated hydroxyl radical molecules can react with contaminants in quick reaction times, requiring less treatment contact time and a smaller system footprint in the client’s facility.

The rate of oxidation of a target micropollutant is dependent on three main aspects: oxygen concentration, the concentration of hydroxyl radicals, and the concentration of the target pollutant. Sustaining a sufficient radical concentration in the source water is dependent upon temperature, pH, the type of pollutant targeted, the presence of ions in source water, and lastly the presence and concentration of radical scavengers such bicarbonates, elevated alkalinity and chlorides.

Is a GWT Advanced Oxidation System right for your industrial wastewater treatment application?
The selection of AOP technologies shall also consider the potential possibility of byproduct formation as a result of the oxidation process. All AOP technologies have drawbacks and are not appropriate for all types of source water conditions, therefore appropriate selection is crucial.

The effects of water scarcity, increased regulations and a move toward sustainability, has positioned GWT advanced oxidation systems as an effective solution in a number of critical uses including the oxidation or reduction of:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Toxic Compounds
  • Pesticides
  • Personal Care Products
  • Endocrine Disrupting Compounds
  • Taste, Odor and Color
  • Pathogens
  • COD

In working with our clients, reps and engineering/construction partners worldwide, GWT provides integrated advanced oxidation water treatment solutions for industrial water reuse to leading companies within the energy sector, textile, food/beverage, pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors.

These systems are scalable to accommodate water reuse requirements to meet the specific treatment needs of the client.

We understand the advanced oxidation process, and we can assist you in reusing your water resources and reducing your operating cost. We support our clients in dealing with stricter regulations and the effects of water scarcity to ensure a sustainable operation.

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