Engeenuity, llc.

Engeenuity, llc.

Advanced Physics System (APSE)


The APSE technology is based on the Science of Photonics and involves customized configurations designed for specific end purposes, especially biological systems. The APSE technology, in a nutshell, is the structured integration of coherent electromagnetic energy and specially arranged conductivity elements. The special configuration of the devices does transmit specific energy into a complex system of biologically active organisms. The configuration is supporting processes capable of disrupting the reproductive and repair functions of pathogens, spoilage bacteria and microbes such as Escherichia Coli and Psychrotrophs.

Each specific case of integration - we refer to this as an “APSE™ configuration” - is the result of understanding the particular problem to be addressed and empirically creating customized configurations based on the natural interference patterns of the biological system and it’s electromagnetic environment, using mathematical models and optical engineering techniques.

How does the Engeenuity APSE process have an impact on pathogenic cells and molds?

An increasing number of scientific publications addresses the interaction of complex biological systems with their intrinsic electromagnetic fields and extrinsic triggers. Even small adjustments to physical parameters in the environment of biological systems can have significant effects. Recent research describes for example the amazing transfer rate of energy between molecular systems during photosynthesis, showing that many classical approaches to explain this phenomenon need to be revised. The APSE process is linked to electronic coherent oscillations in biological structures and supports natural processes within the system to remain in a sustainable healthy state. Growth rates of targeted Pathogens are disrupted, inhibiting their reproduction. The healthy parts of the supported target are not affected. The deeper science of the APSE technology will be kept strictly confidential.

Engeenuity Industrial Applications The first applications are launched or in a test phase. Configuration of the technology for a specific application usually requires a couple of adjustments to optimize the effect. So please consider time for testing and customizing when a new application is set up. Issues around optimization of production processes or the improvement of shelf life of products usually have no general 'one-fits-all' solution. Our expertise with the customization guarantees a quick and easy adjustment to local conditions. Examples for current applications are:

Commercial Bakery
Control and reduction of bacterial and funghi (mold) levels leading to longer shelf life with existing preservatives and reduction of existing preservatives for possible preservatives replacement

Dairy & Derivatives
Control and reduction of bacterial levels leading to longer shelf life

Meat & Derivatives
Control and reduction of bacterial and natural microflora levels leading to longer shelf life

Water systems
Control and reduction of bacteria levels and replacement of chlorine and other chemicals used in the Water Industry
  • Cooling Towers
  • Swimming Pools

Brief Overview of Results of Engeenuity Applications
Shelf life extension up to 400%
  • Tests have confirmed that the Engeenuity APSE™ process inhibits mold growth in bread products to add up to 11 days of shelf life to the product.
  • Tests conducted on milk treated with the Engeenuity APSE™ process was microbiologically safe to drink 93 days after the stated expiration date on the carton. Control sample “spoiled” 23 days after the stated expiration.
Bacteria/funghi reduction leading to level improvements up to 500%
  • Tests in a pilot cooling tower in live operation have established the Engeenuity process to be effective at maintaining microbial populations below acceptable levels on a consistent basis for over 27 days.
  • Mid-stage testing has established that the Engeenuity process accelerates the sedimentation of wastewater in a plant’s clarifier up to 30% by, in part, interfering with the filamentous bacteria (without harming the desired higher forms of life in the wastewater).
  • Shows impact on e coli.
  • 1.0 cm raw hamburger treated with the Engeenuity APSE™ process showed 96% lower APC than did the untreated control after 24 hour exposure to normal room temperature

  1. Data Gathering
    Engeenuity staff meet with production supervisors, engineers to outline current process and understand objectives of client
    Timing: 1 day
  2. Analysis/Goal Setting/Recommendation
    Engeenuity staff analyze client production process, conduct APSE™ capability mapping and propose solution to client
    Timing: 1 – 3 weeks
  3. Proof of Concept Testing
    APSE™ technology is submitted to test run application to confirm effectiveness of proposed solution
    Timing: 1 – 4 weeks
  4. 1.Commercial Implementation
    APSE™ technology is submitted to a “real life” but limited test to confirm scaled application of proposed solution.

    Installation of most APSE™ solutions does not interrupt current production lines nor require additional equipment or machinery, are user friendly, and readily usable in a very short period of time, usually 2 to 7 days.

    Timing: 2 – 7 days device installation (per facility)
    2 – 4 months commercial line testing
  5. Full Scale Production Process Implementation
    APSE™ scaled implementation
    Timing: 2 – 7 days device installation (per facility)

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