- Model SNCR - Advanced Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction System


ROTAMIX is an Advanced Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) system.  Air-boosted nozzles facilitate penetration of chemical reagents into the furnace more deeply than conventional SNCR systems, improving reagent mixing and efficiency, and reducing reagent costs for the client.

Because annual chemical costs are typically the largest consideration for a Selective Non Catalytic Reduction system, the core design principle of the ROTAMIX system is to optimise chemical injection location and maximise mixing to increase chemical utilization. The ROTAMIX system adapts to load and temperature changes in the furnace and can preferentially introduce chemicals where the temperature is most favourable for NOx reduction. This is accomplished through advanced feedback-control algorithms and on-site tuning, using the controls built into the ROTAMIX system to adjust the quantities of chemicals added. This technique increases the efficiency of reactivity, decreasing recurring chemical usage by up to 50% compared to other SNCR systems.

Our Advanced Approach to Selective Non Catalytic Reduction:

  • Temperature measurement as the most important design basis
  • Unique high pressure air injection to enhance mixing and penetration
  • Nozzles engineered with adjustable angles for enhanced chemical coverage with design based on Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling
  • Multiple elevations for different loads
  • Adjustable urea concentration
  • Individual lance urea flow control
  • Automated chemical flushing system and lance design to minimise issues with chemical leakage , nozzle blockage and corrosion

The Mobotec ROTAMIX design eliminates issues that exist in many other SNCR systems – which include: i) corrosion on waterwall near injectors, ii) ammonium bisulfate build-up in air heater; and iii) reduced boiler efficiency from water spray.  ROTAMIX utilises advanced reagent feed control algorithms to minimise situations where ammonia slip would cause air heater fouling, and reduced water usage reduces the impact on boiler efficiency.

The ROTAMIX system has several parameters which can be adjusted in order to maximise the system performance and these include droplet size, urea dilution, boosted air, and lance injection angle. Mobotec not only utilises Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis but also can draw upon decades of experience to customise each system and minimise the number of injection locations while maintaining maximum NOx reduction and chemical utilisation.

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