BHR Group Limited

BHR Group Limited

Advanced Water and Wastewater Treatment System

BHR Group provides core expertise in hydraulics and process technology underpinning asset management, resource planning, cost reduction and compliance with legislation. We provide added value consultancy, tailoring our services to meet the needs of our clients from across a range of environmental, municipal and industrial sectors. We advise clients at all stages of the water cycle: treatment of potable water, desalination, grey water treatment, sewage processing and sludge handling.

Our water industry clients range from national governments, with particular emphasis on our long-standing and growing presence in the Arabian Gulf, to utility companies and industrial clients whose processes are dependent on water, eg. digesting food waste to generate bio-gas for CHP purposes.  Existing designs can be evaluated in terms of hydraulic and/or process performance. Improvements or new designs for equipment and systems are then proposed based on the results of hydraulic or computational modelling.

  • Process optimisation
  • Physical and mathematical modelling of hydraulic structures
  • Steady state and transient analysis of pipe networks
  • Advanced and anaerobic digestion technology  
  • Component testing
  • Assessment and optimisation of intake and outfall structures  
  • Mixing and separation technology
  • Sludge pumping and processing
  • Odour dispersion modelling
  • Field measurement and troubleshooting
  • Site audits
  • Tracer testing

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