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The AdvancedSense Air and DirectSense Air integrate precision thermal “hotwire” anemometer sensor technology and GrayWolf’s comprehensive software with the power and performance of mobile PC computing. Intuitive and Easy-To-Use. Airspeed measurement has evolved to an advanced new level.

  • Measures Air Velocity, Volume Flow & ºC / ºF (with options for more parameters)
  • Patented telescoping hotwire probe design eliminates internal cabling, avoids cable kinking and chafing
  • Large, tactile color display of measurements (alternatively display a graph)
  • Versatile Averaging function
  • Extremely Easy-To-Use
  • Optional fumehood face velocity and duct traverse calculation software
  • Stores measurements along with date, time, text, audio, drawings and more
  • Optional 90 degree articulating probe
  • Graduated markings (cm & inches)
  • Optional auto-zeroing Differential Pressure & pitot tubes (AdvancedSense only)

Air Velocity and Volume Flow readings are displayed on the color tactile screen. An average can be simultaneously displayed; calculated from a choice of manually input readings or measurements auto-updated at one-second intervals.

“Snapshot” measurements can be logged at the push of a button or a tap of the screen. Enter a description of the measurement location plus text notes, Word field forms, graphic files, audio memos, statistics, calibration data and more. Save time, improve efficiency and enhance documentation.

GrayWolf’s DuctCal software add-on module for accurate Volume Flow measurement calculates and displays measurement points, walking the user through a choice of Log-Tchebycheff or Equal Area duct traverses.

The DirectSense AIR is supplied with WolfSense PC software for desktop data transfer, analysis and graph generation. Optional WolfSense ARG software automates the reporting process.

The AS-201 and AS-202A hotwire anemometer probes measure air velocity over a wide range, yet have exceptional low velocity accuracy and repeatability. Both probes telescope, while the AS-202A also has an articulating tip (excellent for reaching ceiling diffusers/filters and for fumehood face velocity balancing). The probes are ideally suited for applications ranging from IAQ (thermal comfort), to cleanrooms, to general HVAC testing.


Fumehood face velocity software guides the user step-by-step from air velocity sensor positioning on through to a detailed report that prints each measurement point and PASS/FAILs the test based on user selected criteria.

  • Air Velocity (hotwire): Range: 0–6,000 ft/min (0.00–30.00 m/s)
  • Accuracy: ±2% of reading or ±3 ft/min (0.015 m/s), whichever is greater
  • Temperature: Range: 15° to 160°F (-10° to +70°C)
  • Accuracy: ±2°F (1.1°C)
  • Stated temperature accuracy is in a minimum 50 ft/min (0.25 m/s) airflow.
  • This probe has significantly reduced temperature accuracy
  • in still air due to heat generated by the “hotwire”.
  • Probe Dimensions AS-201: 31.5' (800mm) L extended
  • 14.9' (380mm) L collapsed
  • 0.375' (9mm) diam. tip, 0.4375' (11mm) telescope base
  • 1.5' (38mm) diameter handle, 7.25' (185mm) L
  • Probe Dimensions AS-202A: 37' (940mm) L extended
  • 21' (530mm) L collapsed
  • 6' (150mm) L tip articulates to 180o, 90o, or 45o
  • 0.375' (9mm) diam. tip, 0.4375' (11mm) telescope base
  • 1.5' (38mm) diameter handle, 7.25' (185mm) L
  • Weight (probe): w/batteries 13 oz (375 gm)
  • Power (probe): 2 x AA cells; typical battery life 50 hrs.
  • Typical AdvancedSense (rechargeable) battery life is >30 hours.
  • Typical Tablet battery life is >8 hours. Probes may be powered by the AdvancedSense or Tablet, bypassing internal batteries.
  • PC Software Requirements: Windows 8/7/XP
  • 30MB hard disc (min.) space

GrayWolf Software is 21 CFR Part11 compliant

Specifications are Subject to Change Without Further Notice

  • The DirectSense AIR TAB is a complete kit that includes an MN8-08 8' tablet computer, AS-201 airspeed probe, WolfSense LAP application software, WolfSense PC data transfer/reporting software, PCC-MN8-8 tablet pouch, PCC-22AS hardshell case and more.
  • The AdvancedSense AIR kit is the same as above, but includes an AdvancedSense meter, in place of the Tablet PC, and a PCC-AS01 meter pouch.
  • Alternative kits (with or without Mobile PC or AdvancedSense) can be ordered to meet your specific needs. Contact GrayWolf for details.
  • All factory calibrations are performed with NIST traceable equipment. Certificates of traceability are available.

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