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- Model LSWRO-C - Containerized Seawater Desalination Systems for the Industrial, Power and Municipal Markets. Reverse Osmosis


ADVANCEES large seawater systems – Land base series seawater include many standard features which make them suitable for the most demanding applications. They are also available with optional operational and control features and ancillary equipment giving you the capability to completely customize your system. We can design and manufacture the system that best suits your needs and commission it any where in the world. Our engineers have many years of application experience with seawater reverse osmosis systems. Whatever your desalination application, our systems give you the reliability, durability and performance you need. We not only guarantee our hardware, but we guarantee the performance as well.

  • TDS: 37,000-45,000 mg/l (as NaCl)
  • SDI15: < 3.0
  • Temperature: 25 to 35ºC (77 to 95°F)
  • Recovery: 40 to 36%
  • Nominal Rejection: >98%

Note: Required 3bar (45psi) minimum customer supplied pressure to high pressure RO Feed Pump. Temperatures and high salinities will reduce system productivity

This specification defines the integrated design requirements for the SW-C line of containerized systems for the Industrial, Power and Municipal markets. All necessary equipment required for independent operation is provided given the necessary pretreatment precautions are taken.

Design basis includes containerized system with axial piston pump as well as a containerized media filter and cartridge filter system. Optional configurations available based on market needs.

  • Container designed for oversea transportation
  • High Pressure Centrifugal RO Feed Pump w/400/460V 3 phase 50/60 Hz TEFC motor
  • Energy Recovery Device and Booster Pump
  • VFD for Booster Pump & RO Feed Pump
  • Valves:
    • Permeate diversion valves,
    • Diaphragm valve for ERI reject out
    • isolation butterfly valves

  • AB Micro PLC 6-inch
  • 6-inch Quickpanel HMI
  • Remote start/stop & alarm capabilities
  • Zero recovery flush on shutdown
  • Power: 400/460V, 3 phase, 50/60Hz


Membrane and Housings

  • Multi Ported FRP pressure vessel design,1000psi rated
  • Spiral wound thin film composite membranes 98% nominal salt rejection.

Materials of Construction

  • Power Distribution Panels: NEMA 12
  • Control Enclosure: NEMA 4X
  • High pressure piping: 2205 SS
  • Low pressure piping: PVC Sch 80
  • Low Pressure Tubing: Polyethylene
  • High Pressure Tubing: Parflex
  • PVC Sample Valves on each vessel, feed, permeate and reject


  • Pretreatment Container with multimedia 480” L x 96” W x 96” H
  • ASME Code stamped pressure vessels
  • Post-treatment degasifier
  • 400 V, 3 Ph, 50 Hz fuse, A/C, Lighting kit
  • pH meter and H2SO4 chemical feed
  • NaOCl pretreatment chemical feed
  • SBS chemical feed
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Supervision/services are available


  • Conductivity: Permeate, Final product.
  • Flow meters: Energy recovery feed, Permeate, Booster pump discharge.
  • Pressure switch: RO Feed and discharge pump
  • Pressure gauges: Liquid filled for high and low pressures
  • Gauge Panel: Four low and three high
  • Pressure readings available via 5 way valves for pressure monitoring

Physical Data & Dimensions:

  • Dry Weight: 18500 lbs (8392Kg)
  • Dimensions Container 480” x 96” x 96”.
  • Dimensions Unit 290” x 52” x 67”
  • Piping Connections:
    • Feed 6”
    • Permeate 3”
    • Reject 4”
  • Power consumption: 7.2 – 8.2 Kwh/1000
  • Gallons.

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